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We work far closer with our clients than traditional accountants. You get to enjoy being a part of a ‘small’ and exclusive group of clients where years of experience and success are put to work for you.

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About R J Hart - Chartered Accountants in Ayrshire

We believe that analysing your financial accounts is a bit like looking in the rear-view mirror. It tells you where you’ve been, but not where you are going.


Owning and managing a successful business, large or small, is difficult enough in these challenging economic times. Finding an accountant in Ayrshire and the Central Scotland region that genuinely understands your business and can help you develop and grow your business is something that, until now, has been even more difficult.

Many accountancy firms just don’t get it...

Some accountants in Central Scotland simply don't understand that business owners are crying out for help and guidance. Margins are under pressure; cashflow is tight. Now, especially, when times are tough, they’re desperate for someone to support them with sound business advice, proven business growth strategies, practical accountancy solutions and down-to-earth common sense: advice that will help them through the rough patches to develop and grow their business.

R J Hart is different... We don’t think like most accountants and we certainly don’t act like most accountants.

We are a dramatically different breed of accountant. Businesses working with R J Hart here in Ayrshire & across Scotland, know how passionate we are about what we do. We've invested significant resources in gaining new skills, so we can offer an entirely new perspective on growing your business. (Check out our testimonials).

  • We find time to talk to you more often...
  • We spend time understanding what really makes your business tick...
  • We work with you toward your personal and business goals...
  • We work out your business’ strengths and weaknesses...
  • We tell you what needs to be done to make it stronger and more profitable
  • If there’s ever a panic, don’t worry, we’ll be there to help out and give you peace of mind!

Our growing client list ranges from industry-leading Scottish businesses and high net worth individuals, through to start up ventures, sole traders and local enterprises. So, irrespective of your size, we would be delighted to act on your behalf.


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